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It looks as though there is going to be some more Religion ‘bashing’ with Ubisoft’s release of ‘Assassin’s Creed.’ The game puts the player into the shoes of an Assassin who is out to regain his honor in the Secret Order of which he is apart. The storyline revolves around the Third Crusades, with your mission being to assassinate certain corrupt leaders on both the Saracen and Crusader sides who are using the war for their own profit. (Your mission also includes the Assassination of Corrupt Religious Fanatics.) The Templars are once again brought into play as hiding the ‘Secret Treasure.’ And yet another interesting aspect is that the game’s logo is none other than a compass looking symbol. CreedAre they trying to once again imply a Masonic connection to the Crusading Orders? Asides from the exaggerations and ideas about the Knights Templar, the story is basically formed around the entire idea that removing ‘fantatical’ Crusaders is for the good of society. (Society being none other than the poor and oppressed who are suffering under the rule of the Corrupt and Fanatical Catholic Crusaders.) So when you get down to the point, ‘Assassin’s Creed’ is not much different than Ridley Scott’s horribly twisted 2005 Film, Kingdom of Heaven, which deliberately goes out of it’s way to put the Crusaders on the same level as Islamic Terrorists who are held captive by the shackles of religion. (Sarcasm Intended.)

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  1. SignaVeritae says:

    DUDE! That Game IS AWESOME!!!!

  2. Paul Xavier says:

    The gameplay is, but the historical references are twisted.

  3. Rook says:

    “Asides from the exaggerations and ideas about the Knights Templar, the story is basically formed around the entire idea that removing ‘fantatical’ Crusaders is for the good of society.”

    Oh come on, haven’t you played past the opening trailer? You can’t “aside from” the Templars in this game, they ARE the game. While clearly using history as a malleable tool to tell their obviously fictional (and not a little sci-fi) story, the idea of removing fanatical Crusaders is NOT the entire idea behind the game. I don’t disagree that the concept of Altair’s mission, at it’s heart, is removing those labeled as fanatics and warmongers, but the targets are just as often Saladin’s supporters as they are Richard’s.

    The presented history is screwy, the “main” character Desmond says as much near the middle of the game to help soften the blow to history enthusiasts who see truth being mangled to make a better story and a great game, but they never apologize for their “kill few to save many” message and that may be worth complaining over, but not in defense of the Crusaders. They are no more stereotyped than anyone else in the game.

  4. SignaVeritae says:

    I would have to agree with you rook…..If you want a Medeival game, there really are only two religions you can kill…..and notice how he didn’t kill the monks…

  5. Paul Xavier says:

    Lol, no, I haven’t played past the opening trailer. I have a N-64 and I sometimes play X-Box at my friends if I’m lucky. Technically I am aware that the Templars are the game, and am also aware that it is a work of fiction concerning the Crusades. Removing Fanatical Crusaders may not just be the main idea behind the game, but the idea of removing both Christians and Muslims alike follows along the line of portraying religion as a malicious entity which is used by the corrupt and powerful to manipulate the weak. Yes, there were corrupt people during the Crusades, on both sides of the desert, but the idea of portraying religious fanatics as those worthy of death can be a dangerous factor, especially since modern society is associating religion (Islam particularly) with death and destruction.

  6. Rook says:

    I can’t argue that you’ve got a good point there, but I will say (hopefully without spoiling any of the game) that it is the main character’s enemies who demean religion. They see religion as a tool for enslavement, and cover their tracks of corruption with fanaticism. Altiar is not freeing the people from the “dangerous bonds” religion, but (as he sees it anyway) freeing them from those who would abuse their faith. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending the actions of a fictional assassin in a video game, but rather just trying to make the concept behind the plot itself less grotesque than you describe.

    However, the equating a fervent faith with fanaticism, and in turn equating fanaticism with evil (or at least negativity) is more than prevalent in video games and any medium looking for a good “bad guy.” Who easier to make a villain than someone who believes too strongly in a cause? Part of me agrees with you: this is a dangerous factor; but another part of me believes that it is appropriate that heroes and villains alike are portrayed as people of vision and overwhelming character. Even “fanatics.” The apathetic have rarely, if ever, changed the world, and a good story should reflect that.

  7. SignaVeritae says:

    That’s a good poin, however, do they need to actually make it targeted on religion? Can’t it be targeted on a government or something? There is no reason for it, and it could have easialy been avoided. Therefore proving the fact that they want to target religion.

  8. Paul Xavier says:

    I understand that the main enemies are the fanatics and those who use Religion as a means to undermine the people and cover their corruption. True, he may not be freeing them from Religion, but the idea of placing fanatics in charge and having them freed implies that Religious authority is to be question, due to the understanding that the authority may be corrupt. I may make it look grotesque, but the idea is simply that it portrays religion in a fanatical and corrupt sense. (Which is the becoming the modern view especially since, as I’ve mentioned, people associate religion with death and destruction. Particularly 9/11(Islam) and the Crusades. (Catholic Church.) ) I agree with you on the grounds of having a ‘good’ villain . Portraying him as someone who ‘firmly’ believes in his cause does add to his character, though I don’t believe that it was necessary to make him a corrupt fanatic. For example, couldn’t they make one of the men simply a corrupt noble who has his soldiers go around beating the people who fail to pay his grueling taxes? (without adding the equation of Religion behind his character.) To get down to my point, my argument is simply that the game doesn’t make use of the broad range of ideas which could be used, but rather focuses it’s story around corrupt fanatics, which, in the long run, attacks religion.

  9. Michael says:

    I have to agree this game is a smear campaign on the Templars right out of the Pope’s playbook. If everyone would simply adopt the ways of the Buddha no one would get killed.

  10. Paul Xavier says:

    How does adopting the ways of Buddha tie in with this? Death comes to us all…

  11. Carlos Alberto says:

    Another way to promote hatred to the catholic church.

  12. Ryan says:

    I’m just randomly looking through websites and then i found this one I realy want to now how you people feel about such historical accurences such as the spanish inquisition or the holucost

  13. Rag says:

    You think too much about this. The creators of the game had no such intentions nor did they go out of their way to make this game target religion. Would you be happier if the game “targeted” government instead? What would it really matter? No matter what is targeted, the individuals who believe that the creators are out to make them look bad will be upset. If it wasn’t you, it would just be somebody else. The game was made for the sole purpose of entertainment, and the storyline was not it’s strong point. It’s not what they really focused on, it was made for the action, gameplay mechanics and freedom of movement. If you take insult from everything that may or may not be meant as one, then you won’t get anywhere.

  14. Ryan says:

    I was asking about the historical atrosities involved with catholisism. I think assassins creed made a perfect picture on what that relgion was like back then.

  15. Not to sound rude or sarcastic Ryan, but what makes you an established authority on Church History? Have you done any research yourself? Read any of the logs and journals kept by some of the Crusaders? Or are you making your judgement on what others tell you? Do the research yourself, if you ever want to find the truth. If you’d like, I could post some links to some interesting and accurate sources.

  16. Ryan says:

    you mean websites that are pro catholic instead of non biased material. that makes perfect sense. I dont believe just what people tell me. I have been to so many websites read so many books and it still turns out the same. Theres a book called hitlers pope and the author had no negative feelings about the catholic church until he started digging. when he asked a catholic preist about the nazi situation in germany and the catholic involvment with it he
    just said “no not true.” No aliby no excuse nothing as if no was good enough. How do ignore old photos of hitler shacking hands with the pope. So many other religous groups and racis were locked away in camps jews, gipsies, and Jehovahs witnesses all tortured, but not catholics. Do you know why Jehovahs witnesses were tortured, they were german, it wasnt an act of genocide. It was because they would not renounse their faith in Jehovah God or their king Jesus Christ and say heil hitler. thats all they had to do, but they didnt. You tell me how the catholics excaped the nazi death camps without siding with them or caving into their demands.

  17. Josh says:

    I Totaly agree man, yeah why are there reports on child molestation by catholic priests. And I want the non Gay explanation Please.:D HA HA HA HAAA!

  18. St. Maxamillian Kolbe. An answer to your “Catholics were not persecuted.” What wacko planet did you come from?

    And there is no ‘non gay’ explanation. They ARE Homosexuals who’ve infiltrated the Church in hope of destroying Her from within.

  19. Ryan says:

    I’ll give you that there was one guy who did some good for people. He was a kind man. why though didnt other catholic priests get involved in helping people. what about the spanish inquisition a torture chamber for non catholics people of other faith persecuted by priests what about when crusaders killed tones of cathars burning them at the stake. THE BATTLE OF MONTSEGURE IN LANGUEDOC FRANCE. please reply I’d like to see your view point.

  20. Why didn’t other Catholic priests help? Where did you get your information? I sometimes wonder what this world is coming to. Is your attention span that blunt that you’ve missed everything about how the Church was able to protect the lives of Jews, Christians, and I wouldn’t be surprised, Atheists? The Catholic Church has long opposed to the works of Nazism. Let’s take this to another level. If Catholics are ‘so bad’, where are your atheists who’ve made a difference? Don’t seem to see any anywhere…

    Take a look here for the Albingenses heresy:

    It explains the reason WHY they had to be dealt with. Apprently, they had no moral standing what so ever, and that praised suicide and concubanige. By the way, what religion are you? If any…or are you here to waste my time with anti-catholic sentiments.

    On the inquisition:

  21. Ryan says:

    you know it amazes me how you use material from your websites to prove your point. But in reality it shouldnt when priests use to tell their people “accept what we tell you.” you can act self rightous and dogmatic all you want its not going to prove your point. oh and dont call me an atheist I believe in God I believe in Jesus I trust the Bible but I dont trust catholisim that has had a lot of blood on their hands or the pagan holidays they celibrate. I know were easter comes from and it has nothing to do with Jesus. you’ve taken every thing that is good and descent from the bible and god and defiled it to fit with your “Tradition.” and thats the worst posible thing you can do.

  22. Well, if you don’t trust the priests in saying “Accept what we tell you” how on earth can you actually accept what Christ taught, and what the Bible states? The priests are simply re-stating what the Bible States. There are some instances where there are bad priests who don’t follow the faith, but in their being bad priests, they are cut off from the Magisterium of the Church. So, you’re not an atheist. But an Anti-Catholic Bigot.

  23. And I’m going to ask to stay on topic. This post is about Assassin’s Creed, not about Theology.

  24. Ryan says:

    Im sorry you know how these things can blow out of proportion one minute your taking about a game the next your talking about a priest using a torture devise on somebody. I dont hate catholics I hate catholisism.

  25. Josh says:

    This is ridiculous, I did some research on Easter its interesting because theirs a Godess of Eastara which is the Godess of fertility which makes sense because rabits and eggs are a symbol of sex that and the fact that its in the spring time. seeing how rabbits and sex have nothing to do with jesus, why is it that you can stand to be a part of this discusting holiday. but hey justify all you want its ok what your doing.

  26. Josh says:

    I think its funny you didnt really defend your religion your scources are so biased havnt you noticed that all your info comes from your religion. I also think its funny that you change the subject instead of defending your faith

  27. Josh, in order to deal with the fact that Catholicism was converting the pagan culture of the Roman Empire, the pagans had their own holidays. What better way to integrate a means to combat paganism than to set up a Catholic/Christian Feast Day on that of a Pagan Day? The Church did the same with Halloween, which was a pagan ritual day. They placed the feast of All Saints around it to combat the paganism.

  28. Josh says:

    Is that why people keep to the same symbols and the same traditions. you dont saw the horns off goats you dont combat paganism with materialism or with the desires of the flesh. The love of the father and the love for the father should be the only persuasion, not “what can I get from it. sacrificing something means a lot more love then to try to reposition a holiday.

  29. I’m talking about the origin of the Easter Date. Not The Modern Ecclesiastical Calender. The Church put it’s special feast days to cover up the days which were celebrated by the pagans.

  30. Josh says:

    why are you using the same symbols then thats all I want know.

  31. Modern society is using those, not the Church. I don’t see any eggs or rabbits at the Churches I attend. Some Protestants may be using those, and I am not answerable for them. The Church celebrates Easter as the Resurrection of Christ, not the annual egg hunt.

    There is your answer. Now you know.

  32. Mike says:

    Catholics over time have adopted pegan ways into their own (but with a catholic twist!). Christmas trees come from druids, and it sounds like the easter bunny and eggs come from some goddess of fertility. Last I checked fertility was a good thing anyways… and it fits with the cliche “spring time.” Anyone watch Bambi lately?

    Can’t remember the saint who started the christmas tree thing, but its a great story and I suggest you look it up. The druids said that he would be struck down by their pegan gods if he chopped down a specific tree… and the saint laughed in their face and cut it down. He lived for quite some time after that, and to this day christians put trees in their home.

  33. Ossus Day says:

    Paul Xavier, don’t feed the trolls. These guys aren’t interested in any kind of rational discussion. They aren’t going to change their mind. They are just bigots looking for someone or something to hate on. They can’t make any kind of positive contribution of their own, but seek to make themselves feel better by tearing others down.

  34. Indeed I may be doing so. But even a young knight can find some entertainment in battling the trolls.

  35. Lady Rose says:

    Indeed so, and I think you are doing a marvelous job. Continue on in fighting the good fight!

  36. I study history. Its my job as a writer and I focus on the crusades. I do research and have read several translations of the crusades (Gesta Francorum/works from Fulcher de Chartes etc.)as well as several prominent authors…yadda-yadda I’m not trying to brag, just trying to shed some light here :D
    So, to do so: this game is a walking trash heap of anachronisms and innacuracy. Save the buildings and some of the clothing, there is nothing medieval about it. The culture, religion and ‘creeds’ of people are comepletely junk. …Assassin’s Creed is a modern game with modern ideas. The beliefs of most of these characters you encounter play off of ideas of morality and ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ that are not around until 4-500 years later. I mean does ‘war is evil’, ‘down with corrupt polticians’ and ‘religion is bad’ sound medieval to you?

  37. IIzO says:

    wow again , crusaders turn out into killers….thats all they were a bunch of extremists that wanted to “get back” the holy lands with their big knives destroying and killing on the way…and thats wrong end of the story.Assassin’s creed is a good game the plot is bullshit but its a game not an history book =p.And oh being “manicheist” is almost an insult in france . It means that you can only see things as bad or good (meaning a lack of understanding of the complexity of the world).

  38. IIzO says:

    Ooh btw . is it okay for a christian to kill a not- christian ?

  39. Augustine says:

    Okay, part one. It is okay to kill another person in the context of a just war. If several conditions are met, then war is justified. These conditions are: the damage inflicted by the aggressor on the nation or community of nations must be lasting, grave, and certain; all other means of putting an end to it must have been shown to be impractical or ineffective; there must be serious prospects of success; the use of arms must not produce evils and disorders graver than the evil to be eliminated. (CCC 2309, from Obvoiusly, you cant commit atrocities- no indiscriminate killing or torture- during a war. You could make the case that assassination (this is about Assassin’s Creed) would fit as long as only serious military threats are killed, one doesn’t revel in the killing, no civilians are killed, and that the person can’t be innocent (can’t be a ‘hit’ to pacify an enemy, must be an enemy combatant).
    I have to admit I haven’t played Assassin’s Creed. I stumbled onto this discussion trying to find a Catholic review. However, from a Wikipedia summary, I think I have foud the problem. The problem isn’t with the portrayal of the Crusades- there were certainly some Crusades who deserved a knife in the back- nor of violence, but of the absurd conspiracy theory it unravels. The Templars, it is revealed, are a secret (and fanatically religious) society bent on world dominatin. They seem to have connections to the Incans and Aztec, and extend into the present day. They are attempting to recover several aritfacts called the ‘Pieces of Eden’. This is the big problem, because the artifacts (which seem to be connected to the crystal skulls of Indiana Jones fame) are the real causes of several miracles throughout the Bible. The end has some strange juxtapositions of Christian and Aztec religion.

  40. matthew901 says:

    that is absolutley right augustine. i never played the game before, just heard of it, but just looking at the cover i do not like it.

  41. John J. says:

    Anyone no of any good links on the Templars, I haven’t had a chance to play the whole game but from the trailers and intro it seems really good. From what I have seen and read, it would be hard justice but for those who do horrible things, to rid the world from all evil.

  42. Joe says:

    This game is pretty fun, the cities are exceptionally well modeled, it has nice combat, climbing and horse riding. However, being both a Catholic and a student of history, I am sickened by this game’s attempt to once again smear the Templars and religion more generally (at the end of the game they imply all religions are mass halucinations). For this reason I refused to buy a boxed copy.

    As if Kingdom of Heaven and the Da Vinci Code didn’t do enough Templar bashing already (on a related note, Assassin’s Creed 2 has just been announced and it will have a prominent role for Da Vinci – we can all see where that is headed). Anyway, the idea in this game that the Templars are the enemy of humanity who are trying to take over the world, and would work with the Muslims to achieve this is absurd… in fact there are even Muslim Templars in the game which makes no sense whatsoever.

    Also for those who judge the Crusades too harshly, just imagine a world where Islamic nations had larger and more powerful armies than Western Christian ones and were on the invasion march – THAT was the situation in the 11th Century when the first Crusade was sanctioned as a counterattack to save Europe. The Templars were the best troops the Crusading nations had, the first professional army since the fall of the Roman empire. I think the Crusades were a noble undertaking at first but as usual human greed and brutality corrupted it over time, like most things in this world. At about the time they sacked Constantinople, I think God abandoned the whole enterprise.

  43. By far an excellent comment Joe.

    History is often sacrificed for the sake of: A) Story Telling, B) Misintepretation, or C) Some Hidden Purpose.

    I must agree, that the game play was what appealed to me, alongside the historical setting. I’ve always been one for some sort of deep plotline that takes one on an adventure, but this goes too far. In an attempt to bring entertainment to gamers, we see a throroughly twisted and demented interpretation of hte Templars.

    In all honesty, I will never buy a book on the Templars without further history on the author, as it seems every related work paints them as some sort of conspirital organization providing a cover-up for the Catholic Church; or as the prelude to freemasonry.

    Both of which, the Templars were not. (Though the Templars were disbanded under reason of ‘heresy’, recent evidence has proposed that the Pope was forced into making the action by King Philip of France. Aka, Politically Forced. Interesting in itself.)

    Indeed the Crusades were a noble cause. But in all honesty, many of the men who joined the latter Crusades had good intention. Might I recommend “The Conquest of Constantinople.” But Villehardouin. He was a Crusader during the 4th Crusade, and might I ask, after reading his work, my entire understanding of the Sack of Constantinople changed. Read it. What you hear in schools will never match up with actuality.

  44. Chad says:

    Books were written by men… men who can be as biast as anyone here..

    And in an age where authenticity and organization was minimal, if i were to write something…chances are i could make 50% of the people who read it, believe it..

    Its a game made by a multi-million dollar company who wants to make money not smear the ideas of religion. Why does it have to be more complicated than that? If it was bashing government, instead of religion, I’m sure political extremists would be enraged by it.. and as to not buying an enjoyable game because of its inaccuracies? (see above posts) grow up… its a GAME. history is not as entertaining as assassins to the general populous who buy said games.

    And to comment on the babble about whether or not “templars” were evil. Either opinion is biast, regardless of whether you say your biast or not. because 1 story is written by the people who were with their ideas, and the other is written by people who hated them.

    You’d probably seen that i’m biast against religion, no i’m not atheist, i’d like to believe in the idea but its very unlikely? prove to me someone made water part in history…I’d enjoy that.

    Religion much like government has always been corrupt because in history religion was the government whether you call it that or not, it had the power and people wanted power, there were as many good people as bad.

    I could rant more but Catholic people are probably already plotting to shut down anything i say with “your just a bigot” amiright?

  45. jason says:

    I recently purchased this game because the gameplay and graphics looked awesome. Having installed it, I find the ideology distrubing. Granted, not everyone will agree with me, but to each his own. As a Christian, I wrestled with the idea of having to slay Templar Knights and found that it simply didn’t accord with my sense of morality. Yes, its only a game, but one that made me feel increasingly uncomfortable – to the extent that I removed it and chucked it in the cupboard. Why? Because I disapprove of mixing religion and gaming. To me gaming is escapism. Fun. Or at least I believe it should be. Being forced to make serious moral judgements between choices that to me are equally unappealing is not enjoyable.

  46. Wolf says:

    What do you mean, Serious Moral Judgments? It’s a game. You stab a person made out of pixles with a sword made out of pixels, and the Animated “Templar” does the death animation and dies. It’s simply a game. No moral obligaions needed. And if you won’t play it, some one else will. Don’t gripe about something you can’t change.

  47. South says:

    I am a Christian [not a Catholic] and was in no way offended by this piece of FICTION. It was meant to be as fictional as Mass Effect, Legend of Zelda, Bioshock, or any other video game. I don’t see why the Catholic Church can’t wrap their minds around the fact that a lot of the stuff they’re offended by is pure fantasy. Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2 go out of their way to make sure the player knows the game isn’t based on real events. Real figures in history are borrowed to tell the stories, like King Richard and Pope Alexander VI.

    Also, [probably most of the people who state they are “offended” have never seen more than the title screen] before you play there is a disclaimer stating that people of many different religious backgrounds were involved in the making of the game, and there is no intention of smearing any of those religious names. They state this on the back cover, in the trailer before it was released, and it’s printed across the screen numerous times in the menu section. Notice the “bad guy” in the second one is actually the worst Pope in all of history. Ezio doesn’t kill him, but he does confront him. He actually verbally DEFENDS Christianity and the church in front of Rodrigo Borgia.

    And as much as Catholics and Christians don’t want to admit it, the Crusades were fueled partially by certain bad people that wanted to “reclaim the Holy Land” and didn’t care about the means of doing so. I am ashamed in the fact these people did all this killing in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christ wouldn’t have wanted his church to do that. Sure, many of the Templars were good people, but a fair selection weren’t. Anyone can learn that in high school and university related classes.

    Also, regarded an above post, there are very little links between Freemasons and the Templars. Why didn’t the Catholic Church get all in a tizzy about the movie National Treasure, since its portrayal of Templars was grossly inaccurate and it stated Freemasons sprouted from the Templars [which is most certainly not the case.]? Isn’t this why they’re mad about Assassin’s Creed, “the inaccurate depiction of Templars”?

    Also, the reason real figures were mentioned is for immersion purposes. That is the goal of a story creator, be it a movie director, author, or video game developer. They want the reader/watcher/player to be as immersed as possible emotionally and mentally in the game, and recalling figures from history makes our mind authenticize it more. It’s a literary tool, nothing more. Like the fact JK Rowling used the character Nicholas Flamel [as does Full Metal Alchemist] when he was in fact a real figure in history. She and FMA borrowed his name and “career” and used that to enhance the story, and make it more believable to the reader/watcher.

    Probably as a result of this post, people are going to acuse me of not being a good Christian and that I know very little about it. Ah well, I don’t care what you think. I have a solid faith and am confident in it

    I made these conclusions on how I believe myself, and didn’t need anyone to tell me how I should believe. And I don’t need that now from anyone.

    Also, there is about as much moral obligation in Assassin’s Creed as there is Mario. The ability to disassociate the fiction of the game determins the maturity of the player. People will have moral problems if they can’t distinguish it from reality, I’ll admit that. But anything meant for entertainment is like that. You can leave it out of real life and use it for escapism.

  48. I somewhat agree with you. IT’s a work of fiction, but isn’t the “Da Vinci Code” as well? Just some thoughts for contemplation. I’ve played the game and it is creative and fun. And yes, I noticed that about the 2nd game. He wasn’t the worst Pope of all time, but more or less, he was one of the most worldly ones.

  49. Dmano says:

    In Assassin’s Creed I and II, the Templars are actually Atheists pretending to be Catholics. Another site says that this game is Anti-Atheism since the Atheists are portrayed as being evil and wanting to brain wash the world. It can be interpreted in many different ways. If I recall, in Assassin’s Creed II, Ezio tells someone he kills, to find peace in the next life (Heaven). He also
    believes in God.

    As the other post mentioned, this game has been designed by people of different faiths and beliefs.

    And about the Crusades and Templars, The crusades were to stop the Muslim expansion, then as Xavier said; they became corrupt and fueled by greed just as the war in the middle east is fueled by greed and also oil.

    Atheists also need to remember that Stalin -An Atheist, killed millions of religious people because he hated religion. The Soviet Atheist Union killed millions and that wasn’t for land, that was due to his hate towards religion.

    Anyway, in the end, I just go and play Kingdom Under Fire which shows respect to God (Even in the credits the developers praise God), there is also Dragon Age which does in a way show respect to God, accept that he is called The Maker in that game, also the enemy known as the Darkspawn are portrayed as souless creatures who are Godless bastards as one solider shouts out.

  50. Dmano says:


    The game doesn’t give God respect. The game says humans were created by other humans; isn’t that what Scientologists think? The main character of the first game is an Atheist and completely bashes Religion in his notes in the second game while the main character of the second game does not appear to be an Atheist but he probably is as the next game will probably say. A woman in the second game claims she is a true Christian and she is a prostitute and assassin and she says that those who claim to be Christians such as the church; are not. She claims to follow Jesus even though he made prostitutes quit what they were doing. So it seems the people who made the game don’t know that and thus it can’t be made by people with different religious beliefs; it is made by Atheists. Well look at the PC has 2 to 1 stars on That should prevent anyone buying it for the PC and since the next game will require you to be connected to Ubisoft on PC no one will probably buy it for PC and thus Ubisoft and their atheist team lose money.

    Save your money for other games. Kingdom Under Fire II is a good game and it is made by religious people. I think Bioware has some religious people in their team as well. God is always mentioned in their games (at least the ones I have played). I don’t like Mass Effect but I do remember having a conversation with one of the characters who joins you who said “How can you look out at this galaxy and not believe in a higher power?”

    So avoid Assassin’s Creed, it is a bigot game and the gameplay is annoying anyway. I think people like the story but I know most people find the gameplay annoying.

  51. xavier nell says:

    I am a christian and the religion of the game is is of many religions and i see no harm in playing the game.just dont put your religion infront of the game or it will be a twisted game for would you say master PAUL??

  52. xavier nell says:

    This game is not focusing on relligion!the focus of the game is on the corruption of relligious leaders and relligious’s simple a game with no intentions

  53. Verus Amicus says:

    You guys ever play Dante’s Inferno?

  54. Mike TV says:

    I am currently a Freshman in college and I am writing a paper for my Freshman seminar class on Assassins Creed and how it views theology. The Text book for my class is “Halos and Avatars: Playing Video Games with God” I suggest that all of you read this book.

    I in no way see Assassins Creed as harming Religion or religious beliefs. If wanted I will post my paper up here after I have written it, in order to try and open up your mind to maybe respecting other peoples beliefs on both sides of the argument.

    …and Master Paul Xzavier homosexuals did not “invade” the catholic church. there was no big Homosexual meeting where they decided it would be a good idea to invade and take over the catholic church.

  55. Mike TV says:

    Looking back you said infiltrate the catholic church. Either way, that statement is ridiculous.

  56. Thank you for your comment, Mike.

    My reasoning for using the word ‘infiltrate’ is to denote the concept of homosexuality in the Church. The Catholic Church condemns homosexuality and any immoral sexuality; hence, any abuse within the Church is a hypocritical infiltration.

    Assassin’s Creed takes on literary creativity; it portrays the Renaissance Catholic Church as infiltrated by the Templars, which if Im not mistaken, are part of an alien group? (Forgive me if I’m wrong. I have yet to play it.) What I do admire is that rather than portraying any Pope as corrupt, they focus the script around Rodrigo Borgia, who was an embarrassment on the throne of Peter.

  57. Eronoc says:

    … I am saddened on how one sided people have become. Lets start with those who say it is a totally evil game, and should be banned and shunned. Well, let me say that you may be extreme. I don’t like this game all that much, but I don’t think it is evil. The gameplay is enjoyable, but some ideas are not. It misunderstands and warps some aspects of real life… it is a video game, after all.
    Now, those of you who are saying, “Catholics are stupid!” need some correction. You might not be blatantly shouting it, but you are saying it in your posts. What you have met and heard of are most likely people who are not even the typical Catholic. Lets face it, people and times are changing, and you HAVE TO UNDERSTAND. Instead of going out and hating Catholics, or Christians in general, or the church, or priests, or the pope… perhaps meet some of them in REAL LIFE and DO YOUR RESEARCH! Before saying that Catholic priests and churches are evil, GO TO SOME! I am tired of it. See it from our point of view please! Some person comes along pointing out the bad ones of us, and saying we are annoying, and believe everything we hear, and don’t get our facts straight… Well when I hear your voice in my head you sound like a whiny child! Ryan, Josh… shut up, please, I beg you… at least until you can get your facts straight… it would be like me saying that all protestant churches are like the huge one that is near my house that has a Cafe inside… where it is, “Praise God for my money!”
    No, that’s not true, because my Mother is Protestant, and even though I prefer my traditional Roman Catholic church with stained glass windows and an organ, I am fine with the more up-beat happy, non ceremonial approach of her families church, and it is certainly a humble little place.
    Now that we have that over with, it is a game, and is not to be taken seriously, but it is still a concern, because some will take it seriously… or they will unknowingly formulate bad opinions…
    this is annoying, so what can and should we do? Nothing. Leave it. For the Churches sake just leave it alone! I know I am going to get at least some flame for this… oh gosh, looking back on it, I am going to get a lot of flame. Oh well, my comment stands. Huzzah!

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