Narnia – Chapter 4

 Some things were never meant to be read.  This is the final part of my Narnia series.  Enjoy! ;)

It was now dark, and all were in bed.  Lucy Pevensie stirred in her sleep. She awoke, having had a dream about the vision, which she saw, in the well.  She got up, grabbed a shawl, and quietly opened the door of her chamber.  Lucy then proceeded down the corridor, leading to the garden.  In the moonlight she could see the well, she stepped towards it.

Lucy leaned over the edge, and looked into the well.  As she gazed, a picture once again formed.  She saw two men talking.  One was dressed in the armor of a Narnian soldier, the other in a great tunic.  They seemed to be striking a deal, she then saw a third man being brought before the two.  His bonds were cut, and he was allowed to go.  The man dressed in the Narnian armor was then knocked to the ground, and dragged away by the man in the tunic.

The well then went dark, and she could see no more.  Lucy broke her gaze from the well, and walked back to her chambers, contemplating the rest of the night on the vision she had seen.

The sun had just peeped over the horizon.  Susan stood alone in the garden; she gazed upon the sun, as it shed its first rays of light on the world.  As she stood there Susan felt something touch her shoulder, she turned.  Susan jumped back in surprise; there, standing before her was Caspian, dressed in his fine, polished armor.  “Oh! Caspian, you scared me!”

He made a low bow, “I am sorry my lady.  If it pleases your majesty, I shall leave.”

“No… do stay, I enjoy the company.” She replied in short bursts.

Caspian moved beside her, “You enjoy the mornings, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes I do.  Ever since I was little I enjoyed watching the sunrise.”

Caspian gave a soft laugh, “Ha! The same with me!  I used to stand in my room, and day dream about meeting all of the old creatures.” ( ???? :P)

“Oh really?” Susan replied.

Caspian corrected himself, “From the time before the Telemarines conquered Narnia, that is. All I had were stories from my nurse, as a basis.”

“Caspian, are you wearing your lady’s colors to go into battle?”

“Yes, I wear my wife’s,” at those words Caspian’s face went dark, “I wear them close to my heart, where they shall always be.”

Susan noticed the look on the young man’s face, “I’m so sorry Caspian, I…I shouldn’t have asked you a question like that.” Susan then darted off into the halls.

“My lady! Wait!” He shouted, but it was to late.  Caspian then joined Peter and Edmund, who were waiting at the stables.  “Good morning your majesties.”

“Finally you are here!” shouted Edmund.

Caspian then turned to Peter, “Shall we set out? Your majesties?”

“Yes, but first we must bid farewell to our sisters.” Replied Peter.

The two girls approached with Tumnus.  Many farewell’s were made.  Before it was over Peter pulled Tumnus to the side.  “Tumnus, I need you to do me a favor.”

“What is it my King?”

Peter hesitated, “If I do not return, promise,” He stopped for a second, “promise that you shall take care of my sisters and brother.”

“But sire! You shall return!” exclaimed the faun.

“Tumnus!” yelled Peter in a voice so loud that everyone stopped and looked at him. Peter then continued in a softer voice, “In war, life is not promised.  Just take care of them.”

Tumnus bowed, “I shall.”

Peter then mounted his horse, Edmund and Caspian followed.  They turned and waved farewell one last time. Caspian noticed that Lucy was breaking into a small cry.  “Lucy! Don’t cry, we shall return! I promise!!!” The three kings turned their horses and galloped through the gate.  A strong gust of wind suddenly blew across the three, as they rode away.  Susan noticed something fall from Caspian’s armor.  She ran to see what it was.  She picked up the cloth, it was the colors of Caspian’s wife.  Susan turned to the riding Kings, “Caspian!! Wait!!”
But it was to late, the thundering of the horses’ hooves mixed with the clanking of armor drowned her young voice.

 *runs off* I’m sick!!!!

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5 Responses to Narnia – Chapter 4

  1. Elenatintil says:

    I thought there were 5 chapters.

  2. Amanda says:

    Hey! I liked that! What happens next? Who is Caspian’s wife? WHAT HAPPENS????? You must write another chapter. (The least you could do is to PM it to me on the forum!)
    *continues to be displeased*

  3. There are no more chapters. I did have some other chapters, but I lost them in a computer crash a year or so ago. Had 15 in all… It all revolved around Peter and Caspian marching south to Carlomen.

  4. stonney says:

    wait. i thought peter and susan cannot come back anymore in narnia after the chapter of prince caspian? im confused. please answer me.

  5. birat says:

    yes they cannot come edmund and lucys cousoineusters can only come after the voyages of down trader.

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