Caspian Conspiracy

Yes, as the title says! A Caspian Conspiracy! How? Well, just something which came across my mind after watching the latest installment of the Film Adaptions of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I’ll probably be coming under fire from a lot of fans for cares!? :D Necessarily, I don’t think it’s a conspiracy, but I needed a c word that fit in with Caspian. The main point of this post is to bring about discussion on the question: “Why the Spanish Influence for the Telmarines?” From what I remember of the book, weren’t the Telmarines actually English? Weren’t the dark skinned peoples from the South? Archenland and Carlomen, anyone? I must admit, that having the Spanish influence actually added to the film; giving the impression of a dark and sinister people, bent on the destruction of Narnia (most of them anyways; Great villains! ;) ) But Disney has crossed paths with Catholicism before, namely blasphemy; and I was wondering if there could be a possible deliberate association of villains in the Caspian Film with the Spanish Conquistadors (Cortez and his companions) who settled the Americas. There is a Legend (Yes, the Black Legend. Look it up if you have to. A very black smudge of paint dumped on the Spaniards,) that the Spaniards who settles the Americas were cruel to the Indians they , forcing them into slavery, beating, torturing, and destroying their culture. (If you call the annual sacrifice of humans a culture…) There were some abuses by the Spanish, but the Protestant English, who were at odds with the Spaniards for many years (Spanish Armarda, Gulf of Mexico, Pirates of the Caribbean…) on the grounds of political, colonial, and religious reasons, exaggerated the actions of the Spaniards as a means of Propaganda. (Sort of like WW2, everyone focusing on the great evil Nazism, and overlooking the Red Takeover of Western Europe.) Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl offers a glimpse at the classic mentality of holding the Spanish as evil men; Barbossa’s line tells all: “The greed of Cortez was insatiable.” Yes, this is all a part of storytelling, and we needed cursed Aztec gold to make the film; but the people who don’t know their history well enough, hear and see these things, and little by little, they begin to associate this with that. I’m not saying that everyone who sees the film will attribute villains to the Spaniard Conquistadors, but it is a step leaning towards it. And every step leads to a bigger one. One cigarette leads to another, and thus one little instance of story telling leads to another, till we’re at the point where we are being bombarded with something or another.

(I know that someone had to be chosen as the source of an influence. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy drew its influence for the Kingdom of Rohan from the Norman/Viking Style; but with Disney going down the tubes, I thought it worth bringing this up.)

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10 Responses to Caspian Conspiracy

  1. Elenatintil says:

    Okay…here’s how they came to the conclusion…

    They wanted to draw a sharp distinction from the original Narnians and the Telmarines to show (visually) that they were very differant cultures. So they thought- who was England’s greatest enemy? And that started as the French, but then they thought, let’s go further and make them Spanish. Actually, it became more of a universal Mediterranean influance because they ended up getting several Italian actors, etc. And actually, from several interviews I read, it sounds like the island that they land on is actually supposed to be a Mediterranean island, NOT a pacific island.

    I really, really, REALLY don’t think that there is ANY anti-Catholocisim intended AT ALL. Yes, Cortez has a bad influence, but he has never come up in any of the interviews that I’ve read (and I’ve read most of them!) And remember, this isn’t Disney that is making the film. Disney is a co-financer and distributer, but Walden Media is the production company in charge of making the artistic decisions.

  2. Elenatintil says:

    Er- replace “Pacific” with Caribbean”

  3. Elenatintil says:

    Grrr. my brain isn’t working today. I didn’t mean influence, I meant reputation. Can you tell that my sleep schedule is all messed up?

  4. Amanda says:

    Argh!!!! I can’t stand it when people take the sides of the Aztecs against the Spainish. Yes, some of the things the Conquistadors did was wrong, but have you ever heard all the terrible things the Aztecs did????? BTW, they nearly always outnumbered the Spanish ‘invaders!’
    Sorry, that might have been a bit off topic, but I can’t STAND it when people make the Aztecs seem like poor helpless victims of the conquistadors when they weren’t! (I am not saying that you were making it seem like that, just the general media, public, etc.)

    I second what Elena said, I read the same things. Besides, you must remember that Caspian was a Telmarien as well!

    Sorry my good Master, but I see no conspiracy here!

    LOL, Elena, mayhaps your schedule is messed up from going to the midnight showing of PC?

  5. Exactly, I knew that there was some reason for adding the Spanish due to some English connection! :D Not necessarily a conspiracy, but I was just bringing it up because it’s hollywood, and you never know. Yes, Caspian was a Telmarine, and yes, he has a Spanish accent Amanda. ;)

    Disney isn’t the main backbone of Production, but they’re involved. Much like the other films ‘by’ Disney which are questionable. They have branches of different companies that they’re involved with making the films.

    Ha, I still want to see Apocalypto…

  6. Elenatintil says:

    Amanda and Paul,

    Have either of you read G.A. Henty’s “By Right of Conquest”? I think you would both find it very interesting.

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure PC had something to do with my schedule changes!!! ;)

  7. Amanda says:

    Have not read that one yet. Is it good? I’ve read a few Henty books, but some of them tend to be a bit dry and borring.

  8. Pepedebarro says:

    It’s funny the Telmarines have a Spanish accent (well, Mexican rather than Spanish I think). Anyway, Narnia seems to be in a sort of mythological XVI century, so that accent is not 100% unsuitable — We have seen so many movies with the Catholic-Spanish-Conquistadores fighting on the bad side… ¡Sí, señorrrr!

    P.S.: Nice blog. Greetings from Barcelona.

  9. Immaculatæ Omnia says:

    Ave Maria!

    While I do agree that Caspian had a Spanish accent, I personally think that Miraz and Glozelle had more of a, well, Russian (maybe) accent. They didn’t really sound as “Spanish” to me as Caspian did. Also, that other guy, Sespaspian (or something like that) had another kind to me-not Spanish, though.

    Also, I could be wrong but I think that it was Walden Media more than Disney that did most of the script writing and what not.

    Regarding Conquistadors, I too hate when Anti-Catholics keep bringing up all the bad that the Spaniards did. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, 99% of what happened was due to disobediance to the Castilian Crown, which always (from Isabel to Charles and so on and so forth) sought to preserve the rights and liberty of the Natives.

    P.S. Paul lol Always trying to find something against Narnia LOL just kidding :P Interesting thought, though – could be something to it. Wouldn’t put it past Disney (or Walden Media for that matter)

  10. Gerd says:

    It s a funny kind of Anti-South-America Movie *lol*

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