Called Home

Called Home

Master Paul Xavier

With banners floating, trumpets bleating,
an echo throughout the heavenly hall.
A brave man has been summoned here,
a young knight has been called back home.

He humbly makes his way before,
the Holy and righteous, King and Lord,
His eyes hung low in silent prayer,
as he kneels before the throne.


The angels surrounded the silent man,
harmonious in their prayerful cause,
they sing of the knight who stands before,
the Everlasting One, their King and Lord.

“Almighty Lord, O hear us now,
here before You, stands the one,
that young man which fought so well,
the faithful knight who took the vow.

We have put him to the test,
proved his valor ‘yond the quest,
an example to the world,
Here before You, stands he now.”

A graceful smile, the King bestowed,
gazing down from His glorious throne,
the One He always, knew so well
upon the knight, His very own.

“My God, My King,” the knight began,
“Why have You called me to Thee now?
I am, and will, remain Your servant,
I beseech, to know, the task at hand.”

“Faithful knight, you know Me,
followed Me throughout the world.
My words inscribed upon thy heart,
etched as upon a stone.

The earth is now engulfed in sin,
yet hope remains for all mankind,
My Blessed Mother has warned them,
Yet still, a shadow covers the land.

Yet through this storm you followed,
My ever Holy Light,
Neither fire, Wind, nor water,
could extinguish thy holy fire.

Your father taught you well,
as you are now his brother,
Like him you have completed,
all that I have desired.

You strove to follow after Me,
and followed Your Lady’s guidance,
Harken to the great call now,
and continue ‘long the path.

War has come, and Satan triumphs,
yet victory is not final,
Their time shortens, as I grow weary,
only One withholds My wrath.”

And with great love He turned aside,
and faced that loving Woman,
The Queen of worlds, heaven and earth,
the Mother of mankind.

“Out of those who follow after,
That great and wondrous message,
Of holy pray’r and penance;
Only you my eyes could find.

You sought Me through your life,
and chose the path of love,
to take the robe of virtue,
and leave the world behind.

The youth are now in danger,
of falling into sin,
you stood alone, an example
to the rest of that dark world.

Your task on earth was plenty,
but you consent your will,
again I ask of you now,
My ‘mmaculate banner, unfurl.”

Upon these words he spoke,
that brave and fearless knight,
drew his sword from sheath,
and lifted it on high.

“My Lady and My King,
I swore to you before,
I offer you my sword,
to do with as You will.

My family and my friends,
all need me back at home
but my heart is yours as always,
to do with as You will.”

The King reached for the sword,
and took it in His hand,
touching the lad by shoulder,
now a knight of all the land.

“Brave young knight I thank thee,
your valor I will never forget.
Your family and your friends,
will surely understand.”

“The final war is coming,
when all must choose a side,
to join the Holy Victrix,
and raise the banner high.

Many will now suffer,
the Church will prove Her strength,
to arms with Holy Mary,
The Last Crusade is Nigh.”

As he finished speaking,
the King bid him to stand,
and with kind ushered words,
the throng of guests dispersed.

And then spoke Holy Mary,
to that brave holy knight,
“There is one who still will help you,
with whom you have traversed.

A man, a knight, a father,
the one who led you here.
Who brought ‘long the path,
his son with joy and care.”

In stepped another knight,
all clad in white and blue,
his armor shining brightly,
a vision all too true.

The two knights met with kindness,
as tears of joy now grew,
that loving bond once broken,
has now been ‘gain renewed

The above is a composition which I put together Friday morning. In my English Class, I had to read several of the poems in my workbook (by Poe, Keats, and whatnot), and attempt to imitate their style. But on further analysis (which I usually do with this blog,) I can’t help but think about the style of their works in itself. Most of the poems are on the basic level of depressing, with a secular world view, devoid of Catholic Thinking or Understanding of Life. Hence, reflecting the dark side of human nature without the light and guidance of Mother Church. I have read several poems in the past, with a Catholic story or moral, that reflect Our Faith.

So my decision rested on imitating a mixture of styles, yet not following along the same path of these ‘master’ poets. It came to me during Mass and Holy Hour, “What would it be like if Marc entered Heaven?” (I say ‘if’ because there is no great declaration stating he is, though I firmly believe so.) Something to seriously contemplate. A young man, taken from this world. Yet, his mission was not of this world, but to be an example and to shine forth for others, especially the youth. He died in a heroic attempt to save his father, after rescuing his sister from danger, going down with his father, Thomas. Back to the mission part. He lived the Faith in Life, he was going to enter the Franciscan Friars of Mary Immaculate. He had his goals set. And that goal was Heaven. But what necessarily does the entire accident mean? So much good has come of it. The example of wearing the Brown Scapular (Which Mr. Girard reminded his children to wear when they went swimming,) the witness of his family in the ER to the Doctors and Nurses when Marc passed away, the funeral at St. Mary’s in Baltic, and even more important, the inspiration story of Marc’s heroism, casting a light on his Knighthood, and the Knights of Lepanto. I feel that his mission hasn’t ended. He is still with us. He will always be with us. Someone who will be praying for us from up above, as we struggle and begin this final battle with the Immaculate at our side, in order to reclaim the world for the Two Hearts United, that battle, being the Last Crusade.

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I am currently an English Major and Writing Tutor. I love reading, writing, and enjoy creative and free thinking.
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7 Responses to Called Home

  1. HandMaiden says:

    :) Paul. You are my hero for writing about my heroes! So beautiful and true is that poem…Tears will always fill my eyes thinking about our brave knight and his father who are now looking down on us with Our Lady by their side…hah that’s me trying to be somewhat poetic in describing my emotions. :)

  2. Thank you HandMaiden. Though I am no hero… It was a requirement of the service. (School >_< )

  3. Lady Kerin says:

    That poem it really touching and very very good, it must have been very hard to write. Hey you should pick up poetry as a hobby. :P :D

  4. Yeah, it was hard enough. Poetry as a hobby? Lol…idk… Could be… Edger Allan Paul…. ;)

  5. Carol says:

    Paul, once again you bring tears to my eyes. Now with Marc’s birthday upon us, these days are extremely hard. This tribute is very comforting. Thank you.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Claire says:

    Very beautiful, Paul. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Yours in Christ,

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I heard about Marc’s passing a little while ago from a friend. He must have been very much loved. The poem you wrote is beautiful. Thankyou for sharing it.

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