~Why Praying is so Important and Hard ~

Many people in our world find it extremely hard to pray. Why is this? Well, in the world today there is a lot of evil as most of us know. The devil is always trying to get Christians to fail their job, particularly Catholics. You may ask what exactly their job is. To explain that is very complicated, but I will do the best I can at this moment. Their job is to pray for all those in need or distressed, such as The Holy Souls in Purgatory, and family and friends that have fallen away from the Church. We must remember to pray for our priests, bishops, and Pope as well. They are attacked much more than us because they are our leaders, and those who work for the evil one know that if we do not have the leaders, we are like lost sheep without a Shepherd. Also, we must evangelize others on the faith, we can do this by giving them books that are good for their souls, by sitting down and talking to them, and by listening to their thoughts and feelings on God. To do this we must know our faith really well. Our Lord commands us to do as the catechism tells us. The catechism commands us to practice the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, to obey The Precepts of the Church, and The Commandments of the Church, and to practice The Theological Virtues. This is why it is so important to pray and why it is so hard. (For those who do not know them by heart, I will post them at the bottom of this.) That is all I can say at the moment .

I found this on a website and thought that it was very important for people to know. This also includes what I said I would post.

The Corporal Works of Mercy

The seven practices of Catholic charity toward our neighbor’s body:

1. Feeding the hungry
2. Giving drink to the thirsty
3. Clothing the naked
4. Sheltering the homeless
5. Visiting the sick
6. Visiting the imprisoned
7. Burying the dead

The Spiritual Works of Mercy

The seven practices of Catholic charity toward our neighbor’s soul:

1. Admonishing the sinner
2. Instructing the ignorant
3. Counseling the doubtful
4. Comforting the sorrowful
5. Bearing wrongs patiently
6. Forgiving injuries
7. Praying for the living and the dead

The Seven Deadly Sins With Conquering Virtues

The 7 deadly sins with the corresponding conquering virtues. The conquering virtues are the virtuous actions that act as remedies against the deadly sins. Making the virtues habitual goes a long way in overcoming the seven deadly sins.

1. Pride (Humility / Modesty)
2. Envy (Kindness / Charity)
3. Lust (Chastity / Purity)
4. Wrath (Patience / Meekness)
5. Gluttony (Abstinence / Moderation)
6. Greed/Avarice (Generosity / Liberality)
7. Sloth/Acadia (Diligence / Zeal)

The Theological Virtues

The Theological Virtues are given at baptism, and are the foundation of Christian morality:

1. Faith
2. Hope
3. Love/Charity

The Cardinal (Moral) Virtues

The Cardinal Virtues are named because they play a pivotal role in Christian morality, and all other virtues are grouped around them:

1. Prudence (knowing the appropriate what, when, and how)
2. Justice (treating others fairly)
3. Temperance (acting moderately)
4. Fortitude (doing what’s right in all situations)

Precepts of the Church

The duties of Catholics:

1. To attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation and rest from servile labor.
2. To receive Holy Communion at least once a year, between the first Sunday of Lent and Trinity Sunday.
3. To receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession) at least once a year, if aware of committing a mortal sin.
4. To observe the fast days and abstinence days established by the Church.
5. To observe the marriage laws of the Church.
6. To contribute to the support of the Church

The Three Eminent Good Works

1. Prayer
2. Fasting
3. Alms giving

The Evangelical Counsels

1. Chastity
2. Poverty
3. Obedience

Nine Ways of Being Accessory to Another’s Sin

1. By counsel (“You should get an abortion”)
2. By command (“You must get an abortion”)
3. By consent (“You are getting an abortion? Good idea!”)
4. By provocation (“He will get angry if I keep bugging him”)
5. By praise or flattery (“Way to cheat on your wife buddy!”)
6. By concealment (“I’ll cover-up your crime”)
7. By partaking (“We can rob this business together”)
8. By silence (“I know you stole it, but I won’t tell”)
9. By defense of the sinful action (“His car was unlocked; it deserved to be stolen”)

Sins Against the Holy Spirit

1. Presumption on God’s mercy
2. Despair
3. Resisting and/or attacking the known Truth
4. Envy at another’s spiritual good
5. Obstinacy in sin
6. Final impenitence

Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance

1. Willful murder
2. Sodomy
3. Oppression of the Poor
4. Defrauding laborers of their wages

Catholic Month Devotions / Designations

January – Holy Name of Jesus
February – The Sacred Passion (or The Holy Family)
March – St. Joseph
April – The Holy Eucharist
May – The Blessed Virgin Mary
June – The Sacred Heart of Jesus
July – The Precious Blood of Jesus
August – The Immaculate Heart of Mary
September – The Seven Sorrows of Mary
October – The Holy Rosary
November – The Holy Souls in Purgatory
December – The Divine Infancy (or The Immaculate Conception)

Catholic Weekday Devotions / Designations

Sunday – The Most Holy Trinity
Monday – The Holy Spirit
Tuesday – The Holy Angels
Wednesday – St. Joseph
Thursday – The Blessed Sacrament
Friday – The Passion of Our Lord
Saturday – The Blessed Virgin Mary

The Commandments of the Church

1. I am the Lord thy God; thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.
2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
3. Remember thou keep holy the Lord’s day.
4. Honor thy father and thy mother.
5. Thou shalt not kill.
6. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
7. Thou shalt not steal.
8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife.
10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.

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21 Responses to ~Why Praying is so Important and Hard ~

  1. Prayer is very important in the modern world! The sad fact is, the majority of Catholics who attend weekly Mass don’t even pray the Daily Rosary!

  2. MJ says:

    I think praying is the most important part of a daily faith life…Sadly ive fallen out of praying the daily rosary…i think im going to try doing it again before i go to sleep…even if i fall asleep while im doing it…..

  3. Lady Kerin says:

    Praying the rosary is very important. I think its great that your going to try to pray the rosary before you go to bed and if you feel yourself falling asleep, ask your guardian angle to finish it for you. I do it a lot, because I am usually exhausted by the time i get into bed. lol

  4. MJ says:

    I actually made it through… :) usually i fall asleep………

  5. Lady Kerin says:

    Good Job!!!! lol… Keep Praying!!!

  6. dam says:

    “…and those who work for the evil one know that if we do not have the leaders, we are like lost sheep without a Shepherd.”

    OK. So I couldn’t resist. Please tell. Is the “evil one” GW Bush? Or are we in the midst of a Harry Potter book here?

  7. dam says:

    Ways of Being Accessory to Another’s Sin:

    #10 Brainwashing. Discouraging those who are drowning in religious dogma to think for themselves.

  8. Dam,
    Evil one? Check up your religion book. Oh wait, your so close minded that you aren’t open to free thought.

    Brainwashing. Believe me, the Catholic Church is strongly against it. Ever hear of Faith and Reason? Man’s reason enlightened by the Faith of Christ? Something to contemplate…

  9. dam2008 says:

    I’m open to free thought, yes. Playing make believe and conjuring up “spirits”– no, I’m not open to that unless it’s a movie I’m watching or a book I’m reading.

    I think your world view is narcissistic. You “interpret” the thoughts of someone you’ve never met, you’ve never spoken to, whom you think created the world–but your “interpretations” are completely ego-centric and slanted to your world view. Can you deny this? You think your almighty god has time to listen to your prayers (one man among billions), to answer you in some non-verbal way? How silly is that?

    Since your field of study is religion, perhaps you’ve read Keith Thomas’ book, “Religion & The Decline of Magic.” If not, you should. As for your bible, have you read “That Noble Dream”? Have you read any religious text other than the catholic bible? The sign of an enlightened and open mind is one that has read texts he might not agree with but wants to understand.

  10. But if you’re open to free thought, it certainly doesn’t show it. Especially when your so narrow minded to attack me for my beliefs. Rather, why don’t you allow me to be ‘free’ and make my own choice?

    Hmm…and what does the archaeologist or historian do? Particularly the history channel. Especially their ‘Da Vinci Code’ Episodes. They attempt to ‘interpret’ the thoughts and ideas of the great inventor, and arrive at something which probably had never entered his mind.

    I’m ego-centric? I wouldn’t be talking. I’m simply stating my own beliefs, as you are stating yours. Is it wrong of me to state what I believe, as if it were absolute truth? No, of course it is not. Often enough, to test a statement, speaking of it as if it as an actual truth puts it to the test. Take for example you’re great scientists and inventors. If they didn’t believe in their ‘discoveries,’ then why would they have put their all into the defense of their ideas?

    This being said, I am doing the same. I am defending what I believe in, and will continue to do so.

  11. Pingback: That Silly Santa, I Mean Satan « Raising Kids without Religion

  12. dam2008 says:

    I am only attacking your beliefs because you (meaning, the catholic church) try to legislate morality for ALL of us! Otherwise, I would not waste my time. Lady Kerin states that you should “evangelize.” (Meaning, to preach, to convert.) That doesn’t sound like “believe and let believe.” It sounds like people who are pushing their ideas on others. Do you know how many times I’ve sat politely while someone tried to preach to me? Even recently, I was in a restaurant and this young adult was there with his youth group. He was a complete stranger, but he came and sat down by my table. I didn’t embarrass him by running him off or calling the manager. Unfortuantely, he took my politeness and kept pushing. Why should I have to be rude to someone in order to just believe what I want?

    Do you get what I’m saying?

  13. dam2008 says:

    The following comment you wrote recently is one example of how the church is involved in politics. The rest of us are entitled to a government that is free of your religious views.

    “Before I begin posting about President Elect Barack Obama’s views and policies…”

    You are using your position to persuade others in the political realm. Can’t you stick to your faith and keep it in your church?

  14. Elizabeth says:

    You speak of being open minded and not being judgmental yet you sure judge Catholics.

  15. Dam,
    I perfectly understand what you are saying. But, remember this: There has always been ONE code of morality. Murder has always been punished, theft has always been punished, and rape has always been punished. What makes Catholic morality different than you’re morality? Something you don’t like about us?

  16. dam2008 says:

    I like a lot of Catholics. (Mom included-though she is much less judgmental than those on this site.) I will encourage my kids to read sites like yours.

    Murder, theft, and rape have always “been punished.” What does that mean? As you know, not all societies have punished murder, theft and rape. And you know that many are not caught. And you know that these crimes are all relative. And you know that murder, theft and rape are not as black and whilte as you like to think.

    The universe is not moral or immoral. The universe does not judge.

  17. Ok…so the universe does not judge. There is no morality or immorality. So does that mean that you are against the entire legal system of the United States? Or any other country, for that matter? You’re ideal society is so ‘free’ that anyone can do anything, without worry of punishment. So you’re trying to tell me that Child Molestation isn’t black and white? What is it then? Should it go unpunished? From your explanation of things, there should be no law with which to live our lives by.

    Pray, do tell me…what is so ‘bad’ about religions laws? Is it because it condemns premarital relations and contraception? Or Homosexuality? What exactly… I don’t see anything ‘harmful’ coming from Religion, do you?

    Oh yes, I Forgot. The Babe in the Manger is the most offensive image one can display… Yet you can easily post images of naked/half naked women anywhere…right? You’re way of thinking is so screwed up, that it is the reason for society’s current confusion. Things were quiet, life was normal. Until the introduction of your ‘freedom.’ What freedom? The freedom to sin, the freedom to commit crime…

    I’m sure you can’t wait till the day they convert Yankee Stadium into a Colliseum. ;)

  18. Terra says:

    I have to agree with dam on this one. We cannot say murder is always punished, we have “legal” wars where it is our duty to preform killings. We have rapists that are not punished, mostly in Islamic areas (most others have changed the rules), as the bible tells us that we are to marry the rapist or stone the raped (Deuteronomy 22:23-24, Deuteronomy 22:28-29, Zechariah 14:1-2 – for a few examples). And of course with that one that says why those are important Matthew 5:17.

    We as people have ideas of what is right or wrong, we as people want to define laws and to update those laws so that we can have a society that is better for us all. Freedom doesn’t include things like molesting children, that is against what we as a society agree to, religious or not.

  19. Jacques says:

    Interestingly enough, I still don’t understand why praying is so important. How would an almighty ‘God’ have time for one simple insignificant prayer among the millions of people who pray every day? And more importantly, if God knows all, then wouldn’t he already know what I needed help with?

  20. Prayer, aside from being a personal petition to God is an act of humilty in itself. God desires humility from us, as it is the greatest of all the virtues, in the sense, we acknowledge God as our Supreme Creator, and move ourselves to our knees before Him, excepting His power and aid as His servants.

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