Gay Bishop To Launch Inaugauration

“And here we go!”

generobinsonThanks extended to Reginapacis. It seems that Obama’s idea of things is starting already. I’ve heard some discussion on the news that starting with his election, he will most likely take the path of trying to win people to his side (The Republicans) rather than just go full blown into Democratic Policies.

So we see bits and tads of his economic plans, raising himself up to the standard of “Savior” of the American Dream…Will he save us from the current meltdown?  I think sincerely so…but by what means?  That remains to be the question. He’s a Marxist.

And seeing his choice for a bishop to lead the inaugauration in prayer makes me wonder.  Is he some kind of Anti-Christ?  Naturally, he is.  Anyone who is against Christ’s teachings is ‘Anti-Christ.’  Though I cannot say if he is the anti-Christ mentioned in Scripture.  But seeing how he supports the Freedom-of-Choice-Act, and then this, it makes me wonder…What has America come to?  Food for thought.

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5 Responses to Gay Bishop To Launch Inaugauration

  1. retroho says:

    Interesting post,

    But please remember it is not up to you to label the anti-christ, you should focus on your own personal faith rather than highlight others own belief.

    Love the blog.


  2. Marian H. says:

    My train of thought has been much the same, lately. Have you ever read “Father Elijah”? At the end of the book, there is this riveting discussion that goes on between a cardinal and the Pope…and every time I hear the word “anti-Christ” I think of that scene.

  3. Retroho,
    I said above that I will not judge him to be THE anti-Christ, but I can simply, honestly, and safely say that his policies are Anti-Christ. Meaning, they are against the Mystical Body.

    Never have read Father Elijah, but I am currently reading The Lord of the World. I think I get your idea. Thanks! :)

  4. Lady Kerin says:

    Great post Paul!!! I agree times are getting hard and our faith is starting to get tested. Maybe it’s Gods will that Obama was elected president. Just for the reason of testing our faith. We shall all find out, and he is certainly against Christ. Almost everything he says and does proves this.

    Ave Maria,
    All for the Immaculate!!!

  5. qwerty says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh Christians.

    Hypocrisy to the max.

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