“What Can Men Do Against Such Reckless Hate?”


“So Much Death…What Can Men Do Against Such Reckless Hate?”

I am taking the liberty to stop and take a look at this thought provoking quote from the 2002 Epic, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.  Here we find the Rohirrim, led by King Theoden, trapped within the Hornburg of Helm’s Deep, standing fast in their defense of the women and children of Rohan.

I would like to draw a parralell to the modern world, though without the intent of intepretating Tolkien’s intentions as an author. The world we live in today is full of “So Much Death…” to the point where we are being threatened with Obama’s signing of the FOCA Act, the issues of abortion, and even in this dark age, the movement for legal sanction for Gay ‘Marriage.’ Here at the blog, we get a lot of feedback from the leftist side, in regards to our stance on abortion (Our ‘Right to Life’ Stance), Homosexuality (Our Mission to Promote Traditional Marriage), and even our defense of our beliefs here (The Roman Catholic Church.) War has come to Catholics on all sides of the field. The purpose of this war? Much like the purpose of Isengard’s army in the film, ‘To Destroy the World of Men.’

This is a war we cannot afford to lose. Though necessarily, life will ‘still go on’ in the world, but not true life. True life is the pursuit of God in His Infinite Glory, along the path of Sanctifiying Grace. As I mentioned above, this war is to destroy the world of men. The dignity of that very being (man), made in the image and likeness of God. Society has brought us down lower than the level of an animal. (To animals abort their young? No… Do animals engage in same-sex relationships? No…) I mean, what is going on, that Man has been lowered to such a level that even the animals seem higher than us? Satan’s works are ever present…

With the sexual revolution in the 60’s, man’s path has been curving downward at a very steady decline. Sins of impurity destroying the very chance for a Life of Grace within the soul. Yes, impure sins are mortal, but let me go a little further about the negative effect they have on society in the whole. Aside from being impure and lustful, they become a sin of pride, in regards to the selfish desire and gratification which so many men give in to. This selfishness brings about a downfall in society, namely the family. Where so many marriages end in divorce due to infidelity, pornography, and even homosexuality. (Yes, I have heard cases of a husband leaving his wife for another man…sick world.) Society likes to potray this ‘Impure Age’ a new age of freedom and liberty of the human individual. I must agree, it is… Freedom and liberty from the God Given responsibilities of Fatherhood, Motherhood, and Family Life. We pursue what makes us feel good, at the sake of what? A unfaithful man ruins his family, a son caught up in women and sex is distracted from his purpose in life, a pregnancy out of wedlock brings a child into the world without the proper upbrining and nurturing of a true family.

These things must stop! No! We will not resort to abortions to help unwed teen mothers. No! We will not resort fo co-habitation to easen the burden of a man engaging in relations with a woman outside of marriage.

It is a war on our culture. A war on the family. A war on the essence, dignity, and beauty of the human individual. And what do we do? Sunday Mass is now a Social Gathering for families. It is no longer a prayer and sacrifice to Almighty God in reparation for the sins of Mankind. The Rosary is viewed as a superstitious habit of pre-Vatican II. Prayer has become a fellowship meeting, where we all hold hands and sing kumbahyah. And most disturbingly, the Church has been infiltrated by its enemies from within! The entire rite of the Roman Ritual has been changed to a level of near inefficency! The Mass has been lowered to the level of a Protestant Service! Our Priest either don’t believe, or are wolves in sheep’s skin! (Yes, you’ve heard of the Sex Abuse Scandals. We’ve been infiltrated by the homosexual movement!)

Where are we in the world? Where are the men? Where are the women? Of course, caught up in this one, big, fantastic social revolution. Dare I speak the word? Indeed I do. WAR! We must fight! We must stand! Otherwise, everything which Man stands for will be ruined and trampled down in Satan’s path, as he strives ever more and more to lower man to the level of a beast, slave to his own passions and desires. In doing so, he succeeds in his master plan to undermind the Church. Destroy the individual, destroy the family. Enslaved to sin, we swear allegience to Satan. Being in Satan’s army, we actively participate in the destruction and withering of the human family. Once this, being completed, the Church begins to wither as well. No family, no vocations. No family, no need for religion. After all, aren’t we free to pursue our consciencfe and desires? Free to enjoy myself as I please? “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness!” My, how these words have been taken and perverted. Reintepreted into the most disgusting and vile weapon against God most High.

I would like to say, that even for such a dark and foreboding matter, there is a small glimpse of hope. But many a Catholic often asks, is it worth the fight? We see the dark storm clouds rolling in. We see the world, falling bit by bit to Satan’s dominion. What hope is there, in an actual fight? Against such odds…. “What Can Men Do Against Such Reckless Hate?” Nothing…Nothing at all. We are mere men in this world. We have the ability to choose good over evil. The gift of free will. Without God we are nothing, and this must be taken into acount.

In all my exploits, conversations, and examiniations of the outside world, I must say that one thing presides in all of Mankind. We enjoy having our Faith rewarded. Seeing a physical/material manifistation of our belief. Whether it be in the Heavenly Orchestrated act of a miracle, or seeing a truly devout and reverentional priest and his parishoners attend Holy Mass. To see the typical Catholic TRULY and FAITHFULLY practice his Faith. These things lack in the modern world. But why? Because we don’t believe, we do not trust God enough. With this war on man, our love for God has been shaken and redirected in an improper manner. The lack of true Catholics lies not in the failure of religion, but rather, the human individual. Sin, concupisence, and orginal sin, have disabled us from being perfect in our lives. May we strive for perfection? Yes! Should we? Yes! Will we? No. A rather disappointing answer, but its true. God alone is perfect, and with our imperfection, how will we ever expect to attain His level? Rather, we can strive to attain it, and God will surely reward us for that action.

If we are imperfect and incapable of being perfect like our Almighty Father, how can we expect to attain victory in this neverending war? Once again, the answer is quite simple. The Most Holy and Immaculate Mother of God. It is through her intercession that our prayers are lifted up to God, and Victory made possible. She alone is the perfect human being. Free from Original Sin. She is THE Immaculate Conception. The one to follow after in our imitation. She is Our Queen, and Victrix. Who will grant us what we seek.

I Will Put Emnity Between You and the Woman. She Shall Crush Thy Head.”

This quote from scripture can get quite variable inteptration. Even quite a protestant viewpoint. (Though many protestants don’t hold Mary in such a high position as the Church, their understanding of God is that he is the ‘All Doer’ and we just sit around and do nothing. The Catholic Church promotes a participating understanding, where Catholics are members of the Church as either the Church Militant, the Church Triumphant, etc. We participate in the Sacrifice of the Mass, as a means of ultimate prayer and sacrifice. We earn Grace by doing so, and have the ability to pray for others, to transfer that Grace.)

Thus, with this way of belief from the Church, we are an active part of the Church. We are soldiers of Christ. And most beautifully, we are given a chance to participate in the Mystery of God’s becoming man, His sacrifice on cavalry, and the Redemption of mankind. No, I am not speaking on a level of heresy, where Man can redeem himself. But rather, we may unite our sufferings and hardships with that of Christ and Our Lady, it is they who will purify them and grant those sufferings the ability to do supernatural works.

But how can this be? As I said before, we are mere human. The only way to do so, is through Christ and Our Lady, through complete and total consecration. We must learn, and strive to empty ourselves, taking on Our Lady’s mantle of purity and love, allowing her to do with us as she wills. We must be the pen, she the hand. She will guide us according to her Son’s wishes and intentions, and then, and only then will we see the outcome and true beauty of total submission.

St. Francis had this idea. Devoiding himself of the world, so that he may partake in the Love of Christ. St. Maximillian also tought this, we he promoted total and absolute consecration to the Immaculate. We must be Our Lady’s knights. We must allow ourself to be shaped and molded according to God’s plan. And with Mary as our Mother, who or what have we to fear? She will protect us with her loving mantle from the darts of the enemy. And in completely entrusting ourselves to her, we will set an example to the world. An example of true love and devotion, as we will attain an even higher level of holiness than ever imagined. To strive to empty ourselves of our sinfulness and take on Our Lady’s Grace is the ultimate deed before God’s eyes. For then, we will be able to do anything for Him. We will be Our Lady’s heel as in Scripture, to crush the head of Satan.

We will be Our Lady’s instruments of war, her soldiers, her knights. Going forth under her banner and mantle to conquer the world for her Divine Son. I say, if there could be a social revolution, which has turned man from God, can there not be a counter revolution? To turn us back? Yes! Then let’s do it! Starting with our very selves! Let us submit our human will and nature to divine guidance, and follow along the path of Sainthood, changing the world as we march along, in the army of Christ.

I love this video here. Perfect speech for rousing an army! (Mild Language.)

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I am currently an English Major and Writing Tutor. I love reading, writing, and enjoy creative and free thinking.
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13 Responses to “What Can Men Do Against Such Reckless Hate?”

  1. Lady Kerin says:

    WOW! that was great, a very powerful post!!!

    All for the Immaculate!!!
    Ave Maria!!!

  2. Rachel says:

    Great post, Paul!

  3. DriveBy says:

    Apologies for the drive-by comment, but to your questions, “To animals abort their young? No… Do animals engage in same-sex relationships? No…”

    The answer is yes, actually. Rabbits and other animals are known to sometimes “abort” their pregnancies when under stress, reabsorbing the developing fetus back into their bodies, and many animals literally eat their own young.


    Furthermore, it’s a pretty well known that the animal kingdom practices homosexuality as a whole.


    Now, just because animals do it doesn’t mean I condone such conduct in humans. I do not look to the animal kingdom as either an example or the antithesis of moral behavior. Still, I prefer to get my facts straight.

  4. Anna King says:

    It’s funny, I feel the exact same way about you bigots. When I read racial comments and gay-bashing on the Internet, I think of Tolkien’s writing, “What can men do against such blind hate?” Because, my brothers, the hate is yours; it’s coming from you.

  5. Might you clarify where the racial comments and hate speach are coming from on this blog?

  6. Jeff says:

    Ok, little hint on web design for you: do not put black text on a dark background. I cannot read your site. If you don’t care enough to make your material readable, why should anyone care enough to read it?

  7. Tyler says:

    You’ve had war declared on you? You are the declarers of war. You are the inquisitors, the persecutors, the destroyers of civilizations. Christians were not here first, nor will they ever have been. You’re blind ignorance is frightening to say the least. Before you was Paganism, before you there was Unorthodoxy, and what did your kinsmen do? Cut them down in an act of self-glorified righteousness. You’re kinsmen cut down innocent men, women, and children, simply because they worshiped wood sprites and pixies.

    You have a “divine” purpose? The Divine purpose, if any, is war. That’s all you Catholics have ever been good at. The very life a catholic leads is to give them a military viewpoint, a military lifestyle, strict down to the time you are born to the day you die.

    You catholics are taught to blindly hate everything that is not you. If there is a god, and if he is as they say, you will all be burning in hell for the lifestyles you lead, the judgments you pass, and the crimes against humanity you commit.

    Gays are probably happier than you in their love than you in your falsified notion of love, why do they not deserve to be together? Why do they not deserve to be married? Who are you? Who are you to say ANYTHING about ANYONE in the world. You are one person, male or female I do not know, age I do not know. I do not know your life, nothing about you. Yet I can tell that from simply reading this that you’re so filled with ignorant hate you blindly thing that you, you who’s ancestors murdered more than Hitler, are better than the rest of the world simply because you’re mindless.

    I pity you.

  8. Yet in the name of paganism, thousands upon thousands of Christians were killed. Roman Persecutions? The current persecutions in China? Germany? Russia?

    The difficulty of religion is that people don’t take it truly to heart. And when that happens, people use it for their own gains. The dogmatic teaching of the Catholic Church (If you had the courage to research it) teaches nothing of killing pagans, or persecuting non-believes. It calls for the salvation of souls, through conversion. Not the forced paganism of Rome, or the forced conversions of Islam. Get your facts straight.

    Don’t pity me. Pity the Catholics who twist the faith to their own means. Pity they hypocrites. They are the enemy. Not the Church.

    By the way, you seem to be in approval of paganism. I suppose you are also in support of human sacrifice?

  9. infinite radiance says:

    this post is an example of terrible ignorance, ignorance born from the sort of stupidity that would send the world awash in nuclear flames, flames erupting from the combined self-righteousness of a million deluded souls, each and everyone utterly convinced that they are on the path to god. No. the only path you tread is the war path, the path that would decide mans fate on this earth. But do not worry yet; for your delusions do not surpass that of others, for it is they who would spill blood in their name. It is he who would take arms against his fellow man without honor or glory but with spite and hatred, hatred born from difference and misunderstanding that would end our dominion over our jewel planet Earth.

  10. Phenominorm says:

    I’m a live and let live (or die, if that’s their preference) sort of person.

    Interesting that this would be one of the top results for the phrase. It seems a bit out of character for the quote, as nobody is trying to eradicate the world of babies, or men, for that matter, with the right to choice.

    Back to the live and let live (or not) thought: why do you insist that all conceived children be born? What’s the point there? If a woman is such that she would willingly kill it, I think she should be allowed to. The debate over whether it’s a person or not, whether it’s alive or not, whether its baby or fetus and so on misses the point. Think of the larger implications of this type of mother actually bearing this child and raising it…

    Who would want a mother who never wanted them? I can’t imagine forcing a woman to carry an unwanted child to term will be beneficial to anyone, especially the child. I doubt this woman would raise a child properly, considering she wanted to abort the little bugger earlier. Let this woman remove herself from the gene pool, and the whole of society takes a step up.

  11. Blake says:

    To you atheists, to you bigots, and even you people on the sidelines, we who do not teach what we believe are responsible for one man and one man only, ourselves. Live out what you believe…. let you works show you faith not your words. No matter where you go the Bible, Homers Epics, and even the words of the hippy liberal down the street they all stress love. Its a battle of love not a battle of fire or of sword but a battle of the heart. Love one another show your way is right by the way you act. Love the orphan and feed the widow for you do not know if you will join their number someday..

  12. Gus2c says:

    WoW I’m late reading this – but someone has to bring up the rear! I stand with GOD!

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