Angels & Demons

It looks like Dr. Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) is back for another sequel of a thriller to the much controversial 2006’s The Da Vinci Code.  Apparently, the tactic for attacking the Catholic Church has turned from slow and carefully hidden moves to open and direct assault.  The interpolation of truth and fiction, sweeping the modern era with the many books and works going by the titles of ‘fiction,’ intent on twisting modern man’s understanding of our Sacred Past.

History is something which is often painted as an illusion, Hollywood often using scripts and storylines to reinterpreted means, and transform basic facts into ‘Cinematic Storytelling.’  With 2006’s The Da Vinci Code, we saw with it a twist of Mankind’s Faith in Christ, rendering him no more than simply another man, prone to human desire, involved in a love affair with Mary Magdalene. 

I won’t go any further with that, as there is enough information debunking and attacking The Da Vinci Code.  Here, might I present, Hollywood’s rendition of the Illuminati.  A Secret Organization created by Scientists and Free Thinkers whose ideas contradicted and threatened the Church’s Authority; and accordingly, the Church, in her usual attempts to suppress free thinking, ordered a massacre of the Illuminati’s members in order to silence it once and for all. In the story, the Illuminati has arisen from nearly 200 years absence to strike revenge against the Church.

In all reality, the Illuminati is anything but it’s portraying in Dan Brown’s Book, and theAdam_Weishaupt01 subsequent film.  The Illuminati was a Secret Society straight out of the Enlightenment, (even a glance at the organization’s name will hint towards the ‘light’), striving to progress the cause of Reason Along as Man’s guide in life, seeing Religion has a hindrance upon the natural sciences and knowledge of man.  For a more detailed and accurate Catholic explanation of the Society, it’s founder Adam Weishaupt (a renegade student of his Jesuit Teachers), check out this article on Catholic Encyclopedia.

We are at a terrifying stage in society, if the Church’s Enemies openly flaunt their banners and cause, making the enemy look like a common and good cause.  Reason and Morals, Faith and Science.  Dan Brown uses the excuse of opening these topics for discussion in his novels, yet any open-minded glance at his works will testify to the negative portrayal of religion, Christianity in particular, when comparing it with Secularism and Science.  Might I be so bold as to say, that Dan Brown’s works and undertaking sound like a craft by the hand of the Illuminati itself? 

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5 Responses to Angels & Demons

  1. Monique Siri says:

    Great post!
    It really opens my eyes to see it from a different person’s point of view.
    As a Christian, I’ve always seen the book as a wonderful, thrilling novel. Y’know, JUST a fiction, as Dan Brown states.
    Although the author does say he’s a Christian, it’s hard to believe he’d write books like The Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons. He says Angels and Demons isn’t Anti-Catholic, not Anti-Religion at all.
    I understand that people should not take these novels seriously, as they are only fiction, but it seems like a lot of people are.
    it’s just really confusing, really. I don’t know what Dan Brown’s aiming to achieve. He says he wants people to explore the real history of Christ (in The Da Vinci Code), but since many of the places, things, religion, people, secret organisations are real, they may just believe the whole plot of the FICTION.
    I can see why the book has a negative impact on the way people view Christianity.
    But as wrong as it is, I still appreciate Dan’s writing. I’ve only read Angels and Demons, and as faithful as I am to God, it really was the best book I’ve ever read. I stick by the author’s word, and say his books are just beautifully twisted, phenomenal works of fiction.
    This is coming from a 15 year old’s point of view.
    Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear your response soon!

  2. Thank you for your response Monique!

    The sad thing about historical novels, is the negative impact they have in real life upon an individual’s views of history, and/or organizations. In Dan Brown’s case, he portrays the Catholic Church as a conspiratal organization responsible for massive cover ups, hoaxes, massacres, and brainwashing the people. Much of which the Church is dealing with in this modern world.

    Literature and Hollywood have powerful effects on certain ideas, like in the case of The Da Vinci Code, the reason WHY people were most upset, was because it took away from Christ’s divinity as God incarnated as Man. (Have both the nature of God and man.) Simply portraying him as a man, slave to his passions, and not having the redeeming value of who He really was. It was a direct attack upon the fundamental belief of Catholicism, (And Christianity) for that matter, hence the reason for people to have issues with it.

    Like many films in Hollywood, it may be only ‘storytelling,’ but the effect it has is what is dangerous. Even though we still “see it as only a movie,” we are desensitized into a fantasy world where fact and fiction are interchanged for entertainment.

    If Hollywood were to do a film about Hitler being a good man, (Not they ever will,) do you think that people would not be riled up and on the offensive against the film? Of course. The same thing with Dan Brown. Rather than taking something bad, and making it good. He takes something Good, and tries to make it bad. It’s essentially worse than doing an alternate historical take on Hitler, why? Because it deprives what is good and essential of its virtue and beauty. Taking Divinity away from God.

    I hope I made sense here, but the dangers of fiction in the modern world are stupendous. Creating a fantasy world with its conspiracies is fine. But when one goes as far as to detract from the good name of Something or Someone, we must stand up in defense.

  3. Monique Siri says:

    Oh wow…
    Well I honestly don’t know how to respond to that!
    You’ve actually changed my mind completely now about The Da Vinci Code.
    This must sound really stupid, but I thought back then the Catholic Church WERE responsible for massacres and destruction? Not because of Angels and Demons, but I’ve heard it a lot from many people.
    And I actually thought that Angels and Demons was against, but also FOR Catholicism/Christianity. There were many parts in the book where it seems like Dan Brown reveals his thoughts on Christianity and religion through some characters, such as the camerlengo.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for the reply!

  4. In all honesty, the Church was not responsible for Massacres and destruction. Dan Brown’s works thrives on history’s misconceptions. In the past, many ‘Catholics’ have commited atrocities, murders, crimes, and the like. But, in one takes a sound look at Catholic teaching, the Church condemns all of those things. (10 Commandments for the basics). SO the logical conclusion as that those ‘Catholics’, who endorse such actions, are not Catholics at all. Much like pro-choice ‘catholic’ politicians.

    I read the Wikipedia Summary of Angels and Demons, and essentially, the story isn’t THAT anti-Catholic until the hidden scandal. The Pope having a son through artificial insemination. I mean, what the heck… Talk about attacking the HEAD of the Church.

  5. Trevor says:

    I’m in Love with that girl ^^

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