Waking Up at 5,000 ft. With No Parachute

Ave Maria!

Ray Noury, a World War II Army Air Corps Sergeant Veteran, recalls his amazing survival story. At an altitude of 15,000 ft, he was knocked unconscious when blown out of his B-24 Bomber. Waking up at around 5,000 ft., he beheld his shredded parachute streaming above, and reaching for his crucifix, exclaimed: “This is it”…

Text Taken from the AirMaria Post.   My grandfather, Raymond A. Noury was shot down on a mission in his B-24 during World War 2.  The date of the downing was on his mother’s birthday, February 22, 1944.  64 years later, he was able to go back up for a flight from CT to RI, on the Blessed Mother’s Birthday.

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One Response to Waking Up at 5,000 ft. With No Parachute

  1. Lady Hannah says:

    wow!!! That’s AWESOME Paul!!! Truly Awesome!!! :) :) Very inspiring. :)

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