Induction into the Knights of Lepanto

This past weekend was the Knights of Lepanto Spring Encampment, spanning over Memorial Day weekend.   The events were a success as they followed the similiar course of the past several years though this time recieving a larger and more varied audience, some families coming from as far as PA.

Embedded above is my very own inititiation into the Knights of Lepanto with my good friend Adam Girard.  I hope you enjoy! Keep us both in your prayers!

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I am currently an English Major and Writing Tutor. I love reading, writing, and enjoy creative and free thinking.
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3 Responses to Induction into the Knights of Lepanto

  1. Moira F. says:

    Congratulations Paul! Thank you so much for putting this up. It was such a blessing for us (the female members of this family) to see it. God bless both you and Adam. That is quite serious ceremony you knights have got there.

  2. Lady Rose says:

    Congratulations Sir Paul and Sir Adam! =)

  3. Thank you Lady Rose! :)

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