I would like to devote this page of my blog to the many homemade movies that I’ve made and plan on making. I’ll have more of summaries of my past films written up soon, but for now, we have this page. I have intention of opening up my own ‘studio,’ if you actually want to call it that.

Lord and Lady Productions

Lord and Lady Productions is my intended title for a sort of studio, under which I hope to publish my films. It will be more of a group where those who join can ask for help from each other, whether it be costumes, camera, props, location, and the like. Numbering among my intentions for films include The Crusader’s Tale and Impressions.

The Crusader’s Tale

You’ve probably noticed this under the Writings page, but feel free to check out my script and tell me what you think! :) I do hope to eventually put this into film, it’s a story about a lone Knight during the Crusades who searches for his father, and in the end, finds more than he bargained for.

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