Illustrious Marceg

I’ve been trying to figure out something to write in memory of our friend and fellow blogger, the Illustrious mareg (Marc Girard), who died in an accident on July 1st, 2008.

I met Marc at the Friary of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Griswold CT, and we became friends after our familes began talking on First Saturdays and other special occasions at the Friary. We became friends, and was rather surprised at how he attended public school, and was actually a stronger Catholic than many of the homeschoolers I know. (Which essentially taught me that homeschooling doesn’t mean anything when it comes to certain areas.)

As I opened my blog, he was a frequent veiwer and commenter, and after a short while, I decided to offer him a position as a writer. Though he had some difficulties with spelling, he knew his faith well, and loved it; and that was all that mattered.

He used to discuss with me how he wrote ‘controversial’ papers in school, and sometimes was even told not to, but it didn’t stop him from living his faith. Marc even had the habit of carrying Miraculous Medals with him, which he would hand out to several students at his school on different occasions.

As a writer on this blog, Marc enjoyed commenting back and forth with the different visitors, ranging from issues of Catholic Appologetics, to attacking modern ‘art,’ to defending the basics of morality. We had great times discussing ways to confront certain commenters and such, as we both felt that we’d make a better impact on the viewer together.

He was inducted into the Knights of Lepanto, a men’s group devouted to promoting Marian Chivalry, during the Spring Encampment of 2008, with a special initiation ceremony conducted by Father Angelo Mary Geiger. In this ceremony, he swore to uphold the Church, swore allegiance to the Knights, and promised devotion to Our Lady.

Marc was a teenager who loved his Faith. He lived it out in the Public Square, and showed what he truly believed in his comments and posts here on the blog. He felt the calling to the religious life, and was to join the Order of the Franciscans of Mary Immaculate in August of 2008. He was an attempting Knight and Friar, and God gave him the chance to prove himself.

On the evening of June 31, 2008, Marc’s father, Thom Girard, decided to go swimming with his daughter Hannah (7) and younger son, Lucas (11), and wanted Marc to go along. So he gave in and set out for what seemed like an ordinary swim at the Pachaug State Forest. The small group decided to head out to a nearby island, but before doing so, Mr. Girard firmly reminded them to make sure they had their Brown Scapulars on. So they head out in two groups of two. Mr. Girard carrying Hannah (who couldn’t swim), and Marc and Lucas swimming together. Marc and Lucas made it ahead faster, and only feet before reaching the island heard their sister screaming behind them. The turned to see her kicking but didn’t see any sign of their father Thom. Marc sent Lucas on towards the Island, and head back to investigate what was happening. Upon arriving on the scene, Marc discovered his father underwater, holding onto Hannah. He freed Hannah from his father’s grip, and told her to pray. The last being seen of him, was his hand pushing Hannah off as he dove back under in an attempt to save his father. Both father and son didn’t make it. Thom Girard was pronounced dead on the scene, and Marc was flown to Providence Children’s Hospital, where he died in the early hours of July 1st.

Marc’s heroic act in his attempt to save his father’s life was one of the highest chivalrous nature. Being that of sacrificial love. Giving one’s life to save another. He showed forth his true colors in his last moments. Going from the timid, shy, fun Catholic Teenager to the Perfect Knight in a matter of seconds. Or rather yet, a Knight of Our Lady. He had every intention of joining the Franciscan Order, and was to do so in a month after his untimely death. He wore his Brown Scapular and Miraculous Medal. Rendering Our Lady the highest devotion and love she deserved.

Marc was his father’s son in the highest sense. Thom Girard was given the title of Grand Marshal of the Knights of Lepanto Encampments. Meaning he was the man behind the event. He planned things accordingly, enforced the rules, and made sure everyone had a great time. He himself composed the the initiation which Marc underwent during the Spring of ’08, and hopefully, soon enough, I’ll be allowed to undergo the same initiation soon.

This being said, please keep the Girard family in your prayers. As they have lost both a Husband and a Son, a father and a brother. A most difficult trial to bear and endure. But God is always there for us, giving us the golden chance to prove ourselves to Him, as Marc did. Marc was an example to all of us. An example that it is possible for a young man to be a teenager and a devout Catholic, an example of what it means to love God and Our Lady to your fullest potentential. But most of all, an example in what we ourselves need to imitate. The Sacrificial Love of the true Knight of Our Lady.

~May the Souls of the Faithfully Departed, Through the Mercy of God, Rest in Peace~

17 Responses to Illustrious Marceg

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  2. Sara F. says:

    Beautiful, Paul. Know that you guys are always and forever in our prayers.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Wow! Paul that is amazing!
    But for all who read this dont only keep us, the Girard family in your prayers but all who suffer there loss. and Yes indeed we all realize that this is God’s will and God always means well.. although we might not understand now, God has a specail plan for each and every one of and God’s plan for Marc and My father, Mr. Girard..was to be an example for all to follow. to qote my father “My Job is to get my kids to heaven.” and that is just what he did for marc
    GodBless those two wounderful Knights

  4. Claire says:

    So beautiful…Marc’s witness continues to inspire and move me. I pray that our Lord raises up many more young knights in the spirit of his true example!

    In Christ,

  5. Miss Angela Rose says:

    :) I love you Marc and Mr. Girard!

  6. Hannah says:

    That’s awesome. Marc and Mr. Girad has witnessed to so many people with their faith and heroic deeds. I’m sure that Our Lady and Lord are treasuring, and loving them in Heaven.
    God Bless,
    Hannah M.

  7. frangelo says:

    Awesome is right, Hanna!

    Great job Paul.

  8. Skeet King of All says:

    Well written master. I’m sure you make the Illustrious Marceg proud.

  9. Carol says:

    That was so beautiful. As time goes on things are suppose to get easier. But as we now that so far is not true, things seem to get tougher. God plans are the only way not matter what suffering we are going through. Thom use to say “offer it up to Our Lady to use for the better good”. So that is my daily offering to Our Lady because she alone knows how very hard this time in our lives are. I miss them more than words will alow.
    Thom and Marc intercede for us through out our lives, and know that I love you both.

  10. Sarah says:

    WOW, Paul, that was really moving and even though I didn’t know Marc and Mr. Girard all that well, it still made me cry. I will continue to pray for the Girard family and hope that God along with Thom and Marc, shine light on their family.

  11. Marlon says:

    I really like the story and wish that this group will grow and bring the light to all corners of the world to bring Our Lady’s message not only in words but especially in action as what Marc did. He is the tangible example for an ordinary person of what is to be consecrated to Our Lady. May their souls through the mercy of God rest in peace.

  12. Amanda says:

    I could read Marc’s story over and over again, and never get tired of it. It is so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you so much Paul, for putting this up here for all of us to read. I hope that all the young men who read this are inspired to strive towards being a true knight for Our Lady.

  13. Elphaba says:

    Ack! You’re making me cry again Paul!

  14. MJ says:

    I’m reading it again because it seems right. It is just amazing how amazing he was….now i want to cry. :'(

  15. Yes! He was amazing! :D We all love him!

  16. Lady Rose says:

    We certainly do! And we will never forget him!

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